Wednesday, October 19, 2011

My Handmade Wire Jewelry

Last week, I promised to you all to share couple photos of my latest craft project-
handmade wire jewelry.

There is something unique about wire or wire work jewelry. You cannot make exactly the same two handmade wire jewelry item. There is always a different between the two. I also love the techniques and colors of gemstones/ beads.

Here are my latest collections.

This is a vintage charm bracelet.
Materials: Gun metal artistic wire, cat eyes beads, glass crystals.

Blue Swirls Earring
Materials: Gun Metal Artistic Wire, Glass Crystals

Three Tiers Dark Green Bracelet
Materials: natural cooper artistic wire, dyed chalcedony, aventurine gemstone

Maroon Agate Pendent
Material: natural cooper artistic wire, maroon agate gemstone 

Thanks to jewelry maker/designer/teacher .... Kak Mastura of Whimsicalnquirky.

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